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Annette is an energetic, passionate and authentic facilitator who has made a significant contribution to developing organisational capability at NAB over many years. Annette’s power as a facilitator comes from her ability really understand the needs and perspective of her audience and being able to adapt her facilitation style to ensure a genuine and authentic connection is made with every participant. 

Annette’s positive and engaging style helps her to build strong relationships with her stakeholders and her proactivity in seeking to not only address current capability needs of the business but anticipate and identify emerging requirements, has made her an invaluable partner to leaders across the organisation.

I was so excited to bring Annie into the Academy team as a Facilitator back in 2008 – her enthusiasm for developing others combined with her strong customer focus were the perfect combination for success in this role and Annie should be so proud of her achievements since that time. 

Annie’s great energy, good humour, depth of experience and overall professionalism make her a tremendous asset to any team or organisation and I would not hesitate to recommend Annie for any role within the learning and capability development field.

Adam Whittle

Capability Development Professional

I have had the pleasure of working with Annette Wright in excess of 10 years whilst she was at NAB.


Firstly as a very customer focused banker, moving on to be a wonderful leader & advocate for her customers in her role as Branch Manager.


Annette's true calling and passion is facilitation. She brings her passion for providing an exceptional customer experience & creating a great learning environment to the fore every time she facilitates a program. You can rely on Annette to be professional, engaging, caring & appropriately challenging as a facilitator. I would not hesitate to recommend Annette to any company who is looking for a highly passionate and engaging facilitator.

Ann-Marie Chamberlain


General Manager Wealth Personal Banking


I have worked with Annie on many occasions over the past 7 years. Annie has facilitated many of the training courses I have completed in my time with NAB and I was lucky enough to have a chance to co-facilitate with her on one occasion which was a great learning experience.

Annie is by far the best facilitator I have ever been trained by. Her style is engaging, drives active participation by all of the group, exciting and up tempo. Annie has the ability to hold the attention of a room for days on end without everyone walking out feeling lethargic. In addition to my viewpoint, I never had my staff return from one of Annie's sessions saying it was just "OK".

In addition to being a great facilitator, Annie has also been a great support person post training and when I have been running training with my staff, she has been more than willing to support with content and ideas.

Steve Sales

Mobile Mortgage Specialist


I had the pleasure of working with Annette in the Organisational Capability team, where we worked together designing and delivering Consumer Lending, Role Based Learning and Sales & Service Leadership Programs.


Annette is a passionate facilitator who focuses on motivating participants to a state of self-sustained curiosity within the learning environment.


She focuses on delivering engaging facilitation and effective training. Her dedication to engaging participants and stakeholders is evident through her professional brand and feedback from business partners.


I would highly recommend Annette for any organisation seeking an engaging and highly motivated facilitator with a passion for delivering results.

Sean Grey

Learning Delivery Leader

SWG Learning.

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