From Snow White to Darth Vader: Identify Your Leadership Style Using the Managerial Grid

I love how Theo Winter from DTS International has managed to transform the well known Blake Mouton Managerial grid (also know as the Leadership Grid) into this fun and more inviting TV/Movie Character version. Which Character's leadership style do you identify with? (I'm sure I was Laura Croft in another life!)

To get a full understanding of how this works please see the original article here.

This article resonated with me when I started to reminisce on my days as a leader of teams; reflecting on what type of leader I was then, and now. How I led the team in different situations, and the importance of being flexible.

The image below then got me thinking about the Leaders I have had over the years and how I would describe their leadership style, and the impact that had on me and our team being successful.

I have worked with every style of leader and can say that the Team Leader gets the best from me every time.

I definitely recommend you reading the full article at DTS International to learn more about the Managerial Grid and Situational Leadership, as you explore your own leadership style.

If you cant place yourself, can you perhaps identify the types of Leaders that you have worked with, or currently working for from this image? Let us know in the comments below.

Pic credit: DTS International

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